Monday, 14 January 2013

Herbal Tea. Snow in the UK.

It started snowing today. HEAVILY.

It is one of the funniest experiences while living in the UK. In my home country Lithuania it snows every winter, a White Christmas is something we do not fear to miss. Lithuania is white and fluffy for about half a year. Recently the snow went above one's knees and when the special machines would shift it to the side of the road, the pedestrians were not able to see the other side of the street. For about a week during the winter the temperature falls below -30C. That is COLD. But it's so much fun!! You can hear the cold, the weather is so clear!! The fuel in the cars freezes, children don't have to go to school.. These are proper problems. 

Now the whole of England stops when there is a snowfall of 1 centimeter. I do not kid you. The public transport doesn't operate for a week, university shuts down... One thing is really enjoyable though - people here get really excited and the whole country turns into this happy child that is overjoyed with the snow. But when the winter comes all one wants to do is snuggle up in a cosy blanket and sip a hot drink. This year, I suggest to try more herbal teas!!

I have wanted to write about this for a long time - I am a strong believer in herbal tea. All the people who know me are aware of my tea drinking habits. Even right now I have hot a pot of peppermint waiting for me steaming away (yes, a pot). Lots of people know things about black tea, coffee, green tea... But there is so much more to know about herbal tea!

If you haven't tried herbal tea yet, you have missed out and it's time to catch up. You all know that tea is the thing to warm you up. But did you know you should drink hot tea when you're really hot? When you're in the office and the air conditioner doesn't work and you're steaming, get some tea boiling, it will cool you down. Try it if you don't believe me! And helbal tea is just the thing, as it hydrates your body.

And there is such a wide variety of it, you will definitely find something you'll like. And they all do something good! Trust me, you'll be surprised! This is a selection of really nice herbal teas:

Widely available therapeutic stress-relief tea, that is refreshing hot or cold, it freshens your breath, relaxes you before sleep (a cup before bed helps me to fall asleep). Peppermint tea makes your upset tummy happier, forget all the digestive pills - grab some mother nature and have a hot cup of peppermint. It improves digestion and helps to stop cravings after eating a meal. If you feel peckish, try having a cup.

This tea is very relaxing, it helps to relieve pain, especially if it's PMS. It helps to fight insomnia and to relax. If you drink chamomile tea, your trips to the loo will be different because you will get rid of chemicals that cause muscle spasms and inflammation.

Melissa (type of mint)
This tea has a minty taste and is perfect to help you to get to sleep and prevents bloating. They're really easy to grow in a garden if you've got the opportunity and really nice to flavour any drink, hot or cold, (or even a dish!) with a fresh leaf. 

This tea is found to be rich is anti-oxidants and has a beautiful bright red colour. It helps to stop ageing and boosts your immunity system, or just picks you up after a hard day at work. It can also help to fight stomach cramps.

This tea is great to fight allergies and colds as well as stomach cramps. 

This tea helps to smooth your skin over time, helps you to fall asleep. If you drink it cold with some honey it can reduce the acidity of your stomach, while if you have it hot - it can increase the acidity.

Ashberry (Rowan berries)
These berries are a miracle, they sustain 3 times more vitamin C than lemons, large amounts of other vitamins and nutrients and are amazingly healthy. You can make tea with them by pouring hot water over dried berries. This tea helps to protect your immune system and if you're ill it helps you to get better soon. (My grandma actually sends me boiled juice of rowan berries as a cold prevention for the winter! And I get ill really rarely.)

Thyme tea might seem odd, but it has always been the cough remedy in my family and it has worked for generations! It also helps you to fall asleep.

Now this is quite odd, but this is another one that I used to drink as a child and all my relatives know it as the remedy number one from indigestion, stomach ache and bloating. It has a really distinct taste and I personally really like it even though it's quite different.

All these teas can be used as pick-me-up's in the morning, they can act as a thirst-quencher during the day and can help you to relax and sleep well at night. A lot of these are quite strong on their own, so you could try them out by adding a little to a peppermint or chamomile tea. My auntie has sent me really nice tea mixes from back home made by a company called ETNO. They are delicious!

These are a perfect example where you mix and match to get the best out of herbal teas. The flavours mix all together and they are delicious - you could buy the separate loose tea and make them at home!

Harmony of Sunrise
Tulsi leaves, lime blossoms, rose kip fruits, black Ceylon tea, thyme.

Harmony of Sunset
Rowan berries, melissa leaves, rooibos tea, honeybush, vanilla.

They are delicious. Try something similar out! I personally feel a lot fresher, lighter, my digestion is better and my sleep is calmer if I have some herbal tea. 

Have a lovely winter!


  1. Very true about heavy snowy cold dark long Lithuanian winters...:( Great info on teas! And yes, your 1-liter-cup-of-tea-five-times-a-day drinking habit is well known;) Don't get cold!

  2. Don't forget:

    Raspberry leaves & Linden tree leaves - best cure for fever, flu and any type of cold;
    Liquorice & thyme - best cure against coughing;
    Bearberry leaves - disgusting, but first aid next to cranberry extracts if you have any type of bladder infection.

    You're welcome :D

  3. loved this! put me in a nice, cosy mood~

  4. Mum-- I make a big pot nowadays, because I drink one cup too soon :]
    Miriam-- it's so nice to hear from you!! Thank you for your additions, does anyone else have any more herb related wisdom?
    Shush--glad to make you happy :] thank you for your comment xxxx

  5. One ingredient you didn't mention is ginger. I love it in tea and use it to settle upset stomachs.

  6. Very true! I make ginger, honey and lemon mixture and have that on its own or drink it as a tea with some hot water. Anyone else know any other good types of tea?