Saturday, 31 August 2013

The perfect treat: Baby Dutch Pancake

Guess who’s back?

Do you like my new look?

You know, I ask all these questions in almost every one of my posts and hardly anyone ever answers them. Come on, peeps, get involved! The Internet is a lovely bubble in which we are all a big happy family of anonymous members. You can be my politest friend in real life, but disguise yourself and tell me what utter rubbish this new design is and what a freak I am for sharing lists of food items and how to mix them in different ways on the internet. Or you can swear, but please don’t. Or you can just say hi. Or you can tell me how and why you like food. Or you can be someone who secretly loves me and you can confess your love here and I will never know who you are! (Or will I?... muahahahaha!*)