Sunday, 30 December 2012

Carrot Pancakes. Different ways to prepare carrots.

As you probably have guessed, there will be oh so many more recipes of pancakes. If anyone still doesn’t know, this is my absolutely favourite food. At some point, actually, I had an idea to do a pancake blog. But perhaps I will do a nice cookbook one day, I can already imagine the structure, the photos, which recipes I would put in it!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Home-made Mince Pies. English Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!! And this year I am spending it in England, getting to know the details of an English Christmas, and what is an English Christmas without minced pies?

I though I'd quickly share a Christmasy recipe while we're still in the 'almost there' period. It's a nice one to do with your whole family, I suppose it could be a nice family Christmas activity if you're into cooking. And trust me it tastes oh so good, and smells amazing, and sets you in the most Christmasy mood!! 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tiramisu. One for dinner parties.

It's been a LONG time!!

I feel a little bad that my posts are not that festive yet. Everyone is in such a Christmasy mood, all the food blogs that I follow are just so Christmasy from the very beginning of November! But don't shoot me down just yet - I have been very festive this year, all my gifts are bought, nicely wrapped, under the Christmas tree already. A few Christmas dinner parties are already behind me and I've got a few to come! So the truth is - I'm just being naughty in terms of writing everything up.. Oops.

One of these dinner parties was a recent one celebrating Hugo's excellent shooting skills. A few of his friends and I have had the pleasure to taste fresh pheasants, completely organic haha!! I did have my usual fuss about how wrong it is to kill but I guess it's just not for a vegetarian female to understand, is it?..

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cheesecake for my 21st birthday

Congratulations with the start of the holiday season! I am sooooooo happy. I know Christmas is enlarged commercially, but I forgive all the marketers. I think it my happiness from getting presents for people, hearing the Christmas songs everywhere, being a part of that cosy warm atmosphere outweighs the troubles of spending a few pennies over the gift budget. Also, my birthday is in December, so I get double the fun and one extra party! :]] 

This year suddenly became special as it is my 21st birthday, which, in my home country, doesn't mean a lot, but in the UK - it means SO MUCH!! And on the day I usually get something small for myself, a scented body cream or a nice shirt, but this year I decided to go for something different and bake myself my own idea of a perfect cake. I think it is perfectly normal to give yourself a gift of spinning in the kitchen for hours, the joy of mixing lovely things (and trying them too, obviously), noticing how the colours and flavours enhance with every ingredient!.. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Salad. And a GAME!!

This post IS about cooking, but just a little bit. I will just try to give you a quick inspiration about eating sallads all through out the year. Eat vegetables, they are great! I know it's 'meeeeh' and 'blaaaah' and 'i'd rather have crisps', but if you learn to love them, you will be very happy, because it is good for you, your body, and your soul. It makes your skin beautiful, refreshes your brain and keeps you healthy all throughout the year. It gets more difficult over the cold seasons, but you can always grate a carrot, have a bit of a leek. Please, for the sake of people who are around you - eat some greens - it will make you a happier and a better person! :]