Monday, 24 December 2012

Home-made Mince Pies. English Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!! And this year I am spending it in England, getting to know the details of an English Christmas, and what is an English Christmas without minced pies?

I though I'd quickly share a Christmasy recipe while we're still in the 'almost there' period. It's a nice one to do with your whole family, I suppose it could be a nice family Christmas activity if you're into cooking. And trust me it tastes oh so good, and smells amazing, and sets you in the most Christmasy mood!! 

As I am against all the ready-made things, I have made every single one of these babies completely from scratch. I loved making the mincemeat!! Everyone who's not familiar with this - there is not an ounce of any meaty substance in these, it's dried fruit with other goodies soaked in brandy. I think that's enough evidence show how delicious these are, don't you agree?

The recipes are adopted from here and here. Makes 12 mince pies:
   For the mincemeat (this makes 1.8kg!!!! Reduce it if you don't need as much)
225g vegetarian suet
225g Bramley apples, peeled, cored and chopped
125g candied peel, chopped
225g sultanas
225g raisins
225g currants
175g demera sugar
1 tsp mixed spice
1 orange, zest and juice
60ml brandy
   For the pastry
200g plain flour
40g golden caster sugar
75g ground almonds
125g unsalted butter
1 large egg, beaten
milk, to graze

Mix all the mincemeat ingredients and leave to soak. These can stay in a jar for a while, and it would probably be best to leave it overnight so that the fruit would soak well, but I left mine for a few hours and it tasted really well. I personally didn't add the peel and did everything according to my own taste, which meant a lot more fruit, 2 orange zests and soak everything in cointreau :]

For the pastry mix the flour, sugar almonds and add butter to form breadcrumbs. Slowly add in the egg and mix well. Refrigerate the pastry for about an hour, then cut circular shapes, lay in a buttered muffin tin, put some mincemeat in and cover up with a smaller circle. Decorate, refrigerate again for a bout an hour and glaze with milk. Bake in 180C oven for about 30 minutes or until golden. Let it rest and serve warm with some brandy butter if you've got any :]

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you all for your wonderful support and I wish you all lots of joy!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy Holidays, Ruta! Thank you very much, indeed, for all the wonderful recipes :)

  2. Thank you for all Your support, Pav, you made me very very happy this year :] Happy Christmas!! xx