Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Salad. And a GAME!!

This post IS about cooking, but just a little bit. I will just try to give you a quick inspiration about eating sallads all through out the year. Eat vegetables, they are great! I know it's 'meeeeh' and 'blaaaah' and 'i'd rather have crisps', but if you learn to love them, you will be very happy, because it is good for you, your body, and your soul. It makes your skin beautiful, refreshes your brain and keeps you healthy all throughout the year. It gets more difficult over the cold seasons, but you can always grate a carrot, have a bit of a leek. Please, for the sake of people who are around you - eat some greens - it will make you a happier and a better person! :]

But the main reason I am writing this post, is because I have to continue a chain of a game. And here it is!

Rules of the game:
1. You have to tell 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who invited you to this game.
3. Ask another 11 questions that other bloggers will have to answer.
4. Tag 11 bloggers (they have to have over 200 followers).
5. Let the tagged know that they're tagged.
6. Do not tag the blogger(s) who has (have) tagged you.

So there I go :]

My 11 random facts about myself:
     1. It's not going to be a random fact formost people, but yesterday I have realised how massively random this actually is. I was standing next to a club and met a few people. After they heard my name I was asked where am I from, and as this happens every time, I wanted to have a bit of fun while they try to guess. I was very pleased with my English accent because a lot of his friends kept on saying that I am definitely from south on England. But after many unsuccessful guesses my friend gave them a hint - 'It's a really random country'. And then one of them shouted - 'Lithuania!'. As a joke, obviously. And it was a correct guess, haha! So my random fact number one is that I am Lithuanian :] 
     2. My favourite food is pancakes (I think you know that already!)
     3. I really like to tidy up wardrobes. It's a really weird thing, I do not have OCD and I'm not an amazingly tidy person, but I just love folding clothes and colour-coding them.
     4. I have moved house 14 times, across 5 different countries. I can't wait for my next one!!
     5. I sang in an acapella jazz band for 11 years and performed in front of audiences as big as 20,000 people. Aaaah I miss that!!
     6. My mother is absolutely gorgeous and we are often mistaken for sisters.
     7. I am extremely passionate about healthy food. I get genuinely annoyed if someone thinks that processed food is fine, microwaving food is not damaging it, or something like avocado, hummus or olive oil is bad for you, because they're high in fat. 
     8. I procrastinate the work I have to do by searching cooking websites or deciding what shall I cook for dinner.
     9. I can't distinguish between left and right. It takes time. Even though I can read maps quite well, I tell the directions wrong!
     10. I can't drink carbonated drinks. It hurts my mouth and it surprises me how it doesn't hurt everyone else's mouth! Please tell me if you're the same, I haven't found anyone yet... I feel lonely.
     11. I am a helbal tea-freak. I make tea in pots rather than cups and drink about 3 a day.

The questions I need to answer are from Nida:
     1. What do you think is the reason of success of your blog? Why do people read it?
I try to be very honest about the things I write. But I wish I could improve! I really want to make better photos, I really admire blogs with beautiful photos. And I want to experiment more with the food I cook, I want to be able to invest more into ingredients and equipment.. One day :]
     2. What was the last cook book you've purchased?
Step By Step Baking by Caroline Bretherton
     3. How do you decide what cook book is worth buying?
I love pretty pictures. It makes such a difference! And I would go for pro-healthy cook books, skill-teaching ones, and ones that my mum would advise to get.
     4. Do you exercise? If yes, how often?
I do, a few times a week. My favourite form of exercise is... Dancing!! 
     5. If you could choose to cook something or go to a restaurant, what would you choose?
It really depends. If it was a simple dinner at home or a fancy restaurant - restaurant. But if I had the ingredients, time and some lovely music in the background - kitchen, here I come!!
     6. What is your favourite fruit?
Aaaah that's a difficult one. I can just eat fruit until my tummy bursts... I think my top five are mangoes, mangusteens, grapes, grapefruits and cherries. But generally, any home-grown fruit, things in season. Mmmmmmm.
     7. Do you read any cooking magazines?
I had a read of Jamie Oliver's magazine, but I never actually subscribed to it. I don't think I'm at a stage where I could afford it.. But I am an honest follower of some blogs and sites like tastespotting.
     8. Are there any meals you cook today that you have 'inherited' from your parents or grandparents? What are these?
YES! Most of them :] On top of the list - crepes with a filling.
     9. What food did you dislike most when you were a child?
Ooooh, everything. I was a really odd child - I hated fizzy drinks, crisps, sponge cake (still do), icing (still do), didn't like anything, really. My mum would say 'Ruta, dinner's ready!' and I would reply 'but mum, what have I done?...' It was always a punishment.
     10. What is the favourite country that you have visited? Why?
Switzerland. I loved the journey, the people I went with, the people I stayed with, the sights, the food...
     11. What kitchen gadget you would like to purchase in the near future?
A good quality non-stick frying pan.

My 11 questions:
1. How and when did you realise that you like cooking?
2. What film made the strongest impression on you?
3. What book would you like to read again and again and not feel like you have wasted time?
4. What is your favourite cake type?
5. What song would you like played at your funeral?
6. What is the oddest thing that annoys you?
7. What is your favourite holiday food?
8. What 3 people would you like to stay with on a desert island?
9. What is your favourite joke?
10. What do you like most about yourself?
11. If you knew that the world is going to end in a week, what would you get up to?

And the people I would like to answer my questions:
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3. Tastespotting at Tastespotting
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7. Giulia at Tutupas Lab
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9. Rosie at Sweetapolita
10. Kimmy at Kimmy' s Bake Shop
11. Christina at Hungry Australian

I do realise a lot of you are very serious, important and busy people, but it would be really interesting to get to know you this way. But I am sure no one will get too angry or upset if you don't have the time to do it :]

Can't wait for your answers!!

Sorry for the long post, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Thank you for your answers! I've got new exciting information about you:) As well, please note that I also have problems with distinguishing quickly between left and right:))))

  2. I'm another person who has trouble with left and right. Ask Pavani how I do it.

  3. hahah I know so many ways, I've had so much advice so far, but it just takes time for me to think about it, people just have is as an instinct, I actually have to think about it. Imitating eating or writing, making the L shape with your Left hand.. it all takes too long for me to respond quickly!