Sunday, 26 October 2014

Accidental Trip to Belgium. Oops!

So a few weekends ago I accidentally ended up in Belgium.

My lovely Hugo, being the spontaneous type he is, called me up as soon as I finished work on Friday and started selling the idea of coming to Belgium with him. I was sceptical, as I didn’t feel like sitting on the shore for 2 days and waiting for him to finish sailing. But during the 30 minutes on my way back I thought – London, the food markets and clothes shops are going to be here every weekend. Belgium on the other hand, is a nice adventure. It was a yes!

We set off a couple of hours later, got the late-night ferry and gunned it down the French motorway to the little town in Belgium. Surprisingly, we found the sailing club really easily, even though it was 4:30 in the morning. We put our tent up and went to catch up on our sleep. I absolutely love camping, there is nothing better than waking up in fresh air; I felt like I’ve just been given a new pair of lungs.

Hugo woke up early and went sailing. I had a whole day to myself, so I went into town got dome fancy breakfast from the bakery.

I also got some bread, fresh fruit and veg, and some cheese from an amazing cheese shop. I asked for some local cheese and the guy started telling me things like 'well this one is from the second rode to the right and that one is from the next town 2 miles down the road'. I was in fro a treat!!

As I had the whole day, I popped into a few boutiques and treated myself to a shirt, from the children's section, a boys' one! Have you ever looked into the children's section in the shops? They have surprisingly big sizes and it's always cheaper, sometimes a lot nicer! 

I dressed up in my new shirt and some other cosy and warm bits and went to the beach to have a picnic lunch and read a magazine.

Can't complain about the view! 

After a couple of hours the boys got back in their boats.

I went to meet them and found a friend on the way. He was shy at first... 

But it didn't take long for us to become besties.

Later one the wind started picking up... And what I mean by that is from absolute flat nothing it suddenly went to breaking-wrecking-boat-turaning storm. 

Hugo was glad to be on the shore rather than on the boat.

We had to make sure our tent is not blown away which was a struggle... So we decided to take it down and put it back up later.

We realised that not going to Bruges for dinner would be a mistake as it was only a 40 minute drive from where we were. There was so much chocolate...

 It was absolutely gorgeous... Almost as gorgeous as me.

Hugo treated me to dinner in this adorable little restaurant, I had eel and Hugo had a steak. It was delicious! Then we spent about an hour in the rain looking for Belgian waffles and ended up in an overpriced touristy caffe eating a cold, disappointing bog standard waffle. Boo. It was an amazing evening though!

Next day I walked a lot and then went horse riding on the beach, had some real belgian waffles and traveled home. Had a great French quatro fromagi pizza on the ferry that everyone was holding on the back of the motorbike and everyone was jealous of. Unfortunately, my phone was dead so I didn't take any photos... Now I can be greedy and keep all the memories to myself muahahaha! 

Sadly, it's not camping weather any more so we won't be able to do any cheap spontaneous trips till next year.. Unless anyone has any suggestions?


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  2. You have some serious photography skills!!! Every shot is absolutely stunning and full of life! Cheers to a happy, healthy & prosperous 2015!

  3. Thank you so much Cheyanne, it's so kind of you :] I really need to invest in a better camera.. All the best to you for the 2015 too! x