Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Home is Where The Heart is

I went home a week and a bit ago.  For those who don’t know, my home is Lithuania. And it is definitely where my heart is.

I stayed at my old flat, in my old room.

I saw so many people I love to bits, it was magical to see them and to realise that all that time invested in friendships will never be lost - the connections I have with those people are fairy-tale-like.

The fuzzy feeling inside while walking the streets of Vilnius with friends at 3am is just indescribable – it’s as if everything is in the right place and all the people that I would ever need are already in my life.

I went on a few runs and I have forgotten how fresh the Lithuanian air is and how green my hometown is.

I went to a festival in the city which was absolutely fantastic. We didn’t get the full-entry tickets (we tried to draw our own), so had to raid the whole town for other party destinations until the free-entrance time at 3am. I bet we had a better night than all the people at the festival put together.

And most importantly, I spent time with my family. I had so much amazing food, I was spoiled like crazy, I was so beautifully taken care of, it was a perfect holiday.

I missed the veggies from my grandma’s garden almost as much as I missed her. Can you see how much love she puts into them?

We also went mushroom picking. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s the national sport of Lithuania. Everyone does it. It was a successful one – the weather was great, I saved a bee, saw a poisonous snake and found a LOT of mushrooms. It’s a pity I don’t like them!

How often do you guys visit home?


  1. Don't like mushrooms :O

    (Good to see you blogging again Ruta!

  2. What was the recipe you wanted again? Was it the Okra or a cake? :)

  3. Lovely pictures!! It was great to have you for this wonderful week!

  4. OMG is that a cucumber? =O