Friday, 19 September 2014

Salty water and cheese in Whitstable

Last weekend Hugo and I went to Whitstable to participate in a sailing race. It was so beautiful - I was willing to keep my heavily-salt-treated eyes open as much as I could.

We did a lot of sailing over both days. On the first day we sailed to the Forts, which were incredible - definitely one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. The lovely captain Robert was the nicest, he was the best person I have ever crewed for and I can’t wait to sail some more with him. He was also one of the strongest people I've met. He was just lifting up boats with his little finger, not a single wrinkle on his face or a drop of sweat. And we managed to win the race on Saturday!

On Saturday night, we ventured out to sift the high street for a nice restaurant. Everything was completely full. Hugo did not have a lot of patience with my pickiness... Is it a sin not to feel like anything Asian and never go to chain restaurants??

It turned out to be a good thing as we stumbled on this little cheese shop that was open and had a little table. Cheese for dinner? Yes please!!

I have officially had the best Brie I have even eaten. Sod it, it was the best piece of cheese I’ve ever had. And we topped it with goats cheese cheesecake. Mmmm. Cheese overload.

How strong is your love of cheese?

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  1. Next time pop across the channel to Boulogne-sir-Mer and pick up some fort d'ambleteuse - best...cheese...everrrr!

    Also you are missing out by never going to Nando's or Pizza Express :)